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“I heard someone say that good players become great and great players become hall of famers when they are blessed with great coaching. There is no doubt in my mind that Colbert and the Ceviant Coaching fall into that great coaching category. Their keen ability to listen, assess, and develop people into greatness is marked by their commitment to produce winners. If you don't win, they don't win.”

“I have found Colbert to demonstrate a unique blend of patience, grace, and truth. He consistently finds metaphors and analogies that speak my language and motivate me to improve. The biggest skill I have developed is the ability to process information and make better decisions that moves my organization forward.”

“Colbert is easy to talk to and a great coach.  His true talent, however, is his ability to really listen to what I am saying and NOT saying to help me break through to my core obstacles and over come them.”

“Colbert’s coaching has given me many personal insights that have allowed me to make more effective decisions and to take action on those decisions. I have also developed a sense of what’s important to me as well as the impact that I want to make on the world.”

“Colbert’s coaching is sound tempered with a relatable lesson from the past. You helped me discover the correlations between many of my past lessons with my corporate experience. You helped me realize how I effectively drive results through my relationships. This has allowed me to achieve much stronger results and create a more balanced approach with my team.

Thank you for keeping my confidence and helping me see myself how others see me.”

“Colbert and Ceviant Coaching are always able to navigate through the "extra" and get to the heart of an all-encompassing issue.  This allows me to make tough decisions easier, a microcosm of my professional world. The insight that Colbert provides captures the impact that a situation will have on my entire life. Colbert is truly a trusted partner to me.”

“What sets Colbert apart from others is his ability to actively listen and offer insights that are tailored to my strengths and capabilities. He does not coach based on clichés or the latest leadership catchphrases. Instead, because he listens and understands my personal leadership style, we are able to focus on achieving more meaningful results in a shorter period of time. As my executive coach, he is an indispensable member of my personal board of directors.”