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International Coach Federation The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)



As we begin the evaluation process, we engage in a discovery process with you. This phase includes an in-depth dialogue, personal assessments, as well as a variety of feedback tools that best meet your objectives. This allows us to dig into where you are today so that you can create a vision of where you want to be in the future.


Now is the time to take the discoveries from your evaluation and lay out a plan for making your vision a reality. We’ll work to unearth your goals, objectives and available resources, and discuss the hurdles you may face as you fulfill your vision and what it will take to overcome those obstacles. We’ll also review the key measures that will help you keep score throughout your journey.


Now, we start coaching you on how to “get it done.” This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Tapping into the results from the evaluation and planning phases, we’ll take action. At this point, Ceviant is holding you accountable, keeping score, and providing the insight and guidance you need to move forward—all while deepening your learning experience.


In this phase, Ceviant focuses on moving you to a place of life-long fulfillment. You now understand what is required to carry out your vision. You’re fully capable of evaluating, envisioning your future, filling voids, creating a plan and making it happen. Now, it’s time to ensure a continuous cycle of success.  Plus, you know that Ceviant always has your back—we’re here to coach you through it all.